Primary Veil (150mL)

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Protective prepping mist

Our number one protective water: the essential balancing act for the skin’s ecosystem.

This product is ideal for

All skin types, especially those most fragile.


Morning and/or evening, apply product by spraying directly onto clean face, or by spraying onto hands and then applying to clean face. Follow with the treatment program best suited to your skin. For a diffused mist, press long and hard.

Primary Veil

    A prebiotic and probiotic boost

    This milky emulsion immediately refreshes and soothes irritated skin. It strengthens immune defenses, and helps rebuild the hydrolipidic film essential to the protection of skin.

    A soothing and refreshing cloud

    The first universal step in your beauty routine to help fight external assaults and bring balance to the skin's ecosystem.

    What you put on your skin matters


    Hyaluronic Acid Precursor

    Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid.


    Hyaluronic Acid

    Fills in fine lines and retains moisture.


    Liposome DNA

    Intensely hydrates, regenerates and strengthens skin.