Primary Pomade (50mL)

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Rich repairing balm

Soothes, replenishes and repairs. This ointment rapidly penetrates the skin to provide immediate and intense nourishment.

This product is ideal for

All skin types, particularly dry skin.


This gentle makeup remover eliminates residues and the most stubborn makeup, without leaving a greasy film. Softening the skin and respecting sensitive areas, it can even be used on waterproof formulas. Please note: Due to the high concentration of vegetal waxes in this product, over time crystals may appear without altering its effectiveness or safety of use.

Primary Pomade

Immediately and intensely nourishes skin

01. Repairs dry or irritated areas
02. Replenishes lipids, restores the skin's protective barrier function, and softens dry skin.


Lipid complex

Restores cohesion and skin’s protective function.


LP complex

Promotes the balance of the skin’s flora for optimal barrier protection.