Moisturizing with a Cream (50mL)

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With nurturing moisture, this cream infuses skin with unprecedented hydration.

This product is ideal for

Young, normal or dehydrated skin will happily welcome the benefits of this innovatively textured treatment.


Mornings and/or evenings, apply to the face and neck following a serum.

Moisturizing With A Cream

The richness of velvet, with the hydration of water!

This silky cream refreshes skin with immediate and long lasting hydration. Its velvety texture repairs the intercellular bonds for optimal vitality. Visibly plumped, the skin glows and offers a long lasting feeling of comfort.

Rich and thirst-quenching 01. Visibly smooths and plumps
02. Hydrates and refreshes skin
03. Soothes even the most dehydrated skin

What you put on your skin matters


Anti-drying Complex

Reduces water loss by ensuring cell cohesion.

Rehydrating Complex

Acts as a hydro-magnet, forming a waterlogged reservoir.


Triple DNA

Super hydrating, retaining 10,000 times its weight in water.