Eye Regenerating Mask (5 masks)

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Collagen eye mask

A pop of anti-aging and anti-fatigue! Within 20 minutes the entire eye area is immediately revitalized with long-lasting effects.

Size: 5 masks

This product is ideal for

All skin types. Ideal for when the eye contour looks tired (period of stress, lack of sleep…). A must-have for those who travel frequently.


Soak the collagen mask with the Precursor Complex (Eye) in the tray designed for this purpose. Position the smooth side of the mask on the lower and upper lids, starting at the inner corner of the eye and moving out. Remove any air bubbles. Leave on for at least 20 minutes then remove. Apply a few drops of Collagen Post Treatment with light taps of the fingertips. Follow with your favorite Valmont eye cream. For use once a month as a preventive treatment or once a week over a 5-week period as an intensive cure.


Decongesting. Rejuvenating. Smoothing.

01. Reduces the appearance of puffiness
02. Has a soothing effect
03. Fights against dark circles
04. Eyes appear fresh, sparkling and visibly well rested


Natural collagen: tightens and firms the skin, while hydrating, smoothing and soothing. Caffeine, arnica and green tea: drain and activate microcirculation and decongestion. Collagen amino acids (post-treatment vial): finalize and seal the collagen’s effects.